Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via SEAPRWire.com) — After the TGE in February 2022, Orbitau conducted many activities to build the community around its products and to promote them to the global GameFi community. In the initial roadmap, the mainnet – the official version – is expected to launch by April 2022 with a storyline and many unique features, such as the Idle – to – Earn game mode, the first time it will be offered in the GameFi industry.

Plot and gameplay

PvE mode

The traditional PvE game mode of Orbitau consists of 5 chapters and 04 levels of difficulty. Players will have 10 stages to accumulate items and experience, and the final stage will involve going up against the boss to get the biggest reward. When players encounter difficult levels, they can return to their old levels to collect more uORI to upgrade their heroes and equipment to reach the next level.

Idle-to-Earn mode

Orbitau offers this groundbreaking feature for the first time. Players can generate in-game income by utilizing the amount of the heroes they own, even if they do not have time to access the game to strengthen their squad. A player can install as many as five heroes within a squad in this mode to compete automatically and earn uORI. Higher level heroes and equipment will result in more uORI earnings. 

Earnings for gamers

The current tokenomics system protects the interests of gamers and Orbitau supporters. The game’s locked-in token, UORI, can be exchanged for other tokens like ORI to upgrade heroes and products, and from ORI to $TAUM for trading on crypto exchanges.

Current community

Orbitau has hosted continuous events for investors and gamers, along with the milestones of the game development, including the launch of 2 testnets for users to try out in March and early April 2022 to get the feedback from players, while introducing unique features, and well-invested graphics. Additionally, Orbitau organized 2 staking events for investors who held $TAUM – the primary token of the ecosystem – with numerous attractive and valuable prizes such as a Hublot watch worth up to $7000.

Besides continuously engaging with the community, Orbitau introduced LONA as the game’s official ambassador. In turn, Orbitau presented “Life with Metaverse”, an exclusive lyric MV produced by Orbitau and presented by LONA. Only 3 weeks after airing, this creative lyric MV has reached 1 million views on YouTube. These activities demonstrate the seriousness and durability of the project founding team and promise big investment plans for the future.

From day one, the Orbitau team has displayed both their enthusiasm and effort, bringing the project to the air on schedule, and giving players exciting experiences and the chance to make real money from the game. With continuous interaction with the community, the Orbitau team hopes to one day develop the game with even more innovative features, to compete with the prominent players in the international GameFi industry.

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