A traveler passes the ticket gate at the Heung Yuen Wai/Liantang Control Point at the Hong Kong-Shenzhen boundary in south China, Feb 6, 2023. (PHOTO / XINHUA)

To meet the growing demand for Hong Kong-entry endorsement applications, Shenzhen on Tuesday opened 32 new locations with self-service machines, and more are expected to launch in the future.

The number of Chinese mainland visitors to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been rising since normal cross-boundary travel was fully resumed on February 6. The SAR received more than 300,000 mainland visitors from February 6 to 14, according to Hong Kong’s Immigration Department.

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The busiest passenger traffic was recorded on February 11 as more than 49,000 mainland travelers visited Hong Kong. The average number of daily arrivals from the mainland was about 28,860 on working days last week, and jumped to 36,338 this week.

With the opening of more self-service locations to grant Hong Kong-entry permits, mainland residents are able to save plenty of time in getting entry endorsements as the service is available round the clock. This has led to heavier passenger flow between the SAR and Shenzhen.