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Residents anticipate constructive LegCo, praise election essential for democracy

Voters wait to cast ballot at a polling station in Whampoa, Hong Kong, Dec 19, 2021. (PHOTO / XINHUA)

Hong Kong residents from all walks of life who cast their ballots in Sunday’s Legislative Council election voiced optimism over the next-term LegCo, saying they hope lawmakers-elect will put people’s livelihoods and interests first.

The 2021 Legislative Council election, which was originally scheduled for September 2020 and postponed for one year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, is the first of its kind under the city’s electoral revamp. The expanded 90-member LegCo will begin operation on Jan 1.  

A banking professional surnamed Wong, a mother of two, on Sunday told China Daily she expected to see a more constructive legislature after this election. She hopes there will be fewer physical altercations and more-constructive views expressed in the new LegCo.

“This will enable the government and legislators to work together in improving the people’s standard of living,” she said.

Ng Ping-ping, a nursing care worker in Chai Wan, said she wanted to support those who love the country and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and can better represent the grassroots community.

“Voting is our responsibility, as well as our right. I hope Hong Kong will become prosperous and stable again, and the new lawmakers can represent the interests of the underprivileged,” Ng said.

Clarence Ling Chun-kit, chairman of Y Elites Association, said he was glad to see many fresh faces and a number of young candidates running for election. 

“I hope those who win will build a new, energetic image of the next term of the LegCo and will introduce more policies about youth development to the city,” said Ling, a member of the 1,500-strong Election Committee and businessman.

Chan, a retiree who gave China Daily his surname only, said he cherished his right to vote, adding that this is a way to let competent LegCo hopefuls bring residents’ voices to the government.

“I hope the elected ones can bring about some policy changes, especially in education and housing,” Chan said. 

Ng Hok-ming, chairman of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Youth Association, said that the improved electoral system is “effective” and that the interests of more groups are being considered.

Ng said that voters now can voice their political views without fear, which is essential to build a free, democratic and prosperous Hong Kong.  

The peaceful environment of the polling day stands in stark contrast with the chaotic days in 2019 and is a positive sign that the city is getting back on track, he said.

A retiree surnamed Wong said the election is of vital significance to Hong Kong’s future since LegCo plays an important role in the city’s development.

“This election is important as the legislature is a key part of the city’s political system. The voting process is simple and convenient, which took me just a few minutes. I hope the new LegCo can really serve Hong Kong and its people,” Wong said.

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