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Newcomers will bring fresh outlook to HK legislature

Members of the seventh-term Legislative Council (LegCo) of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) pose for a group photo after the oath-taking ceremony in Hong Kong, Jan 3, 2022. (PHOTO / XINHUA)

The new faces in Hong Kong's Legislative Council, including newcomers to the political arena, are raring to bring their professional expertise to the city's policymaking and governance, with ambitious plans to meet voters' expectations.

Pledging to face challenges with a can-do spirit and diligently serve the city's residents over the coming four years, they will meet next Wednesday in the first session of Hong Kong's legislature under the revamped electoral system.

Doreen Kong Yuk-foon, a new lawmaker from the Election Committee Constituency, a newly added constituency in the city's legislature, said that the first-time lawmakers, many with professional backgrounds, may lack political experience, but they have abundant experience as policy advisers and in working with the government, which will help them settle in quickly to their new posts.

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Kong, a lawyer whose primary area of practice is real estate sales, acquisition and leasing, is among the more than 50 first-time lawmakers out of the total of 90 lawmakers who were sworn into office on Monday following the Legislative Council election on Dec 19.

Duncan Chiu Tak-kun said he will mainly set his sights on policies that can help Hong Kong develop into a global technology and innovation center

Many of the newcomers got the opportunity to serve in the city's legislature after Hong Kong revamped its electoral system to expand the Legislative Council from 70 to 90 seats to ensure it was more broadly representative of all sections of society. A total of 31 lawmakers were reelected.

Noting that being a legislator means she needs to shoulder more social responsibilities, Kong told China Daily that she plans to reach out to some local schools in her four-year term and donate parts of her remuneration as a lawmaker to students in need and give a helping hand to impoverished families.

Kong said her legislative team welcomes young people who are keen on public policy research and wish to serve Hong Kong.

Duncan Chiu Tak-kun, a lawmaker from the Information Technology functional constituency, said he will mainly set his sights on policies that can help Hong Kong develop into a global technology and innovation center.

Chiu, who is also president of the Hong Kong Information Technology Joint Council, stressed the importance of ensuring policy support for science and technology which recognizes the rapid pace of change in the sector, adding that he will assist the government in drawing up related policies, help to introduce more funds and talent, and improve the city's capacity in terms of technological innovation.

Chan Pui-leung, an insurance executive who is a newly elected lawmaker from the Election Committee Constituency, said that being a new face in the city's legislature also gives him an advantage as he can present a fresh perspective.

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Noting the challenges he will face, such as familiarizing himself with the Legislative Council's rules of procedure, Chan said he will rise to these as he was already well aware of them when he decided to run for the seat.

With the expansion of the city's legislature, the government has rented a three-story office at nearby Civic Tower to accommodate the increased number of lawmakers while construction work is underway on the extension to the Legislative Council Complex.