Press Releases in Hong Kong

Moon dust in their eyes

Hong Kong kids seem to be having a good summer break. Ahead of the annual Hong Kong Book Fair scheduled for next week comes the lunar soil sample show at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, drawing huge crowds of enthusiastic young visitors. Collected by the Chinese space mission Chang'e 5, the samples of moon dust inspired tremendous curiosity. Photos by Calvin Ng.

A girl poses in front of a display at the lunar soil exhibition at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Visitors check out photos and summaries chronicling China's scientific breakthroughs on July 9, the last day of the exhibition.

A woman and two children lean in for a closer look at the handprints of Chinese scientists, including Nobel laureate Tu Youyou (center).

A boy takes a photo of a soil sample collected by the Chinese lunar exploration mission Chang'e 5 last year.

Young visitors to the show jot down notes of appreciation on the last day at the exhibition.

Congratulatory notes signed by Hong Kong people show great enthusiasm for the lunar soil exhibition, which ran from June 27 to July 9.

Young visitors check out a display at the exhibition.

A boy tries out a virtual reality headset during the exhibition.

Visitors marvel at the exhibitions during the lunar soil sample show.