Company’s Core Compliance Solutions to Take the Guesswork Out of Confusing, Evolving Regulations for Businesses as Vermont Prepares for Adult-Use Cannabis Market to Come Online

DENVER, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via — Simplifya (“Simplifya” or “the Company”), the leading regulatory and operational compliance software platform serving the cannabis industry, announced it launched a suite of compliance solutions for cannabis businesses in Vermont, expanding the reach of the Company’s footprint to 26 states. The suite of services, which includes Simplifya Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Simplifya Smart Cabinet and Simplifya Self Audit, have been specifically designed to help cannabis businesses stay up to date and remain compliant under Vermont’s laws, as well as manage risks in a cost-effective way.

While Vermont has made progressive steps towards legalizing cannabis, it has been relatively slow to open up its markets. Vermont’s first medical dispensary didn’t open its doors until 2013, despite the fact that back in 2004, the Green Mountain State was among the first 10 states in the country – the second on the East Coast – to legalize medical cannabis. Despite a number of delays in the legislative process, including the House rejecting the initial bill and a subsequent veto by the Governor, Act 86 legalized adult personal use in 2018, making Vermont the first state to legalize cannabis through the legislative process, as opposed to through a ballot initiative. Regulated sales officially entered into law in October 2020, and by October of this year, dispensaries are expected to finally be able to begin selling adult-use cannabis to Vermonters.

To help cannabis operators and ancillary businesses stay ahead of the curve in Vermont’s complex and evolving cannabis marketplace, Simplifya has designed a comprehensive array of solutions that will ensure their compliance and continued success. The Company is committed to assisting operators and business owners in Vermont and 25 additional states, and by the end of 2022, Simplifya plans to expand its compliance solution footprint to a total of 30 states.

“As Vermont prepares for its adult-use market to come online, there are significant opportunities for operators and ancillary businesses to succeed,” said Simplifya CEO and Co-Founder Marion Mariathasan. “It is, however, imperative for entrepreneurs, operators and ancillary businesses to comply with regulatory requirements, which are stringent, exhaustive and frequently changing. With our tools, businesses can focus on their core competencies and leave the rest to us. Our core products and services have proven integral in helping navigate complex regulatory landscapes, and we’re confident that our suite of products in Vermont will serve as vital tools to help businesses run efficiently, effectively and most importantly, legally. As more states come online and cannabis markets continue to mature, we look forward to extending our services for the overall benefit of the industry.”

Simplifya Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Simplifya SOPs are designed to help ensure cannabis businesses are efficiently, effectively and legally running. They outline best practices and processes for the clients’ entire organization. While creating the correct SOPs can be long and arduous, Simplifya’s team of analytical and regulatory experts developed both generic and license-specific SOP bundles, which include everything cannabis businesses need to immediately get up and running. SOPs also ensure cannabis compliance by providing a comprehensive base, which can be used as is or customized to meet the client’s specific needs. If there are changes, Simplifya’s team also automatically updates the specific SOP and sends clients a notification.

Simplifya Smart Cabinet
Ninety percent of cannabis compliance is documentation, including keeping and organizing documents, making sure no documents are expired and being able to produce documents for inspection at a moment’s notice. Simplifya Smart Cabinet (“Smart Cabinet”) is a user-friendly and convenient online document storage hub that helps eliminate the worry and stress of organizing and storing critical documents. Smart Cabinet provides businesses with a cheat sheet of every document needed based on their license, an intuitive interface, complete control over who has the ability to access these documents, the flexibility to assign documents to employees and reminder features for when a file needs to be updated.

Simplifya Self Audit
Simplifya’s team of lawyers and regulatory analysts review state and local regulations to create a checklist of simple “Yes” or “No” questions to help companies determine if they’re operating in compliance with all of the rules related to their license type. If the Self Audit finds an area where a company is not in compliance, an employee can create an action to fix the issue, assign it, track the task to completion and store the corrected results in a Remediation Report for future use or reference.

About Simplifya
Simplifya is the cannabis industry’s leading regulatory and operational compliance software platform; our suite of products takes the guesswork out of confusing and continually changing state and local regulations. Featuring SOPs, badge tracking, document storage, tailored reporting and employee accountability features, our Custom Audit software can reduce the time you spend on compliance by 45 percent. For more information, visit

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