QA teams have a new option to effortlessly test across browsers and operating systems within the Katalon platform



ATLANTA, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via — Katalon, Inc., the provider of the leading AI-augmented test automation platform, today announced the general availability of TestCloud, a cloud-hosted solution that provides on-demand, flexible, and secure multi-browser testing environments. TestCloud enables developers and QA teams to execute automated test scripts simultaneously across multiple browsers and operating systems without having to set up or maintain physical testing resources or third-party configurations. 

With TestCloud, users of the Katalon platform can leverage an end-to-end testing workflow where they can design scripts with Katalon Studio, execute them using TestCloud, orchestrate the entire testing process, and gain insights using Katalon TestOps, all within the same account.

As part of the Katalon platform, TestCloud offers QA teams many benefits:

  • Easy to Use. Immediate access to testing environments on-demand without the need to manually deploy and maintain testing infrastructures. 
  • Seamless. TestCloud gives QA teams the ability to seamlessly adapt to changing testing requirements whether they are used to support different browsers and versions, or during a period of high demand for test executions to reinforce key business activities.
  • Scalable. Users can spin up as many environments as needed, when they are needed.
  • Secure. TestCloud offers enterprise-grade security built-in at every step of the testing pipeline.

“Developers and testers need access to a variety of environments to ensure the consistency and reliability of their applications on the most popular browsers and platforms,” said Katalon CEO Vu Lam. “TestCloud eliminates having to deploy, maintain, and support dedicated test execution environments, or third-party tools to accomplish this goal. For current Katalon users with limited bandwidth to deploy local environments to test with KRE, TestCloud provides a way to expand their bandwidth and add extra configurations to their testing pipeline.”   

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Katalon is the leading provider of software test automation solutions with a flexible platform for web, API, mobile, and desktop testing that fits teams and projects of any size, and any purpose. Katalon’s cloud infrastructure enables IT teams to reduce costs by 90% by simplifying the overwhelming amount of operating systems, devices and browsers that developers and testers contend with. Katalon is widely trusted by a global community spanning several business sectors and across more than 160 countries. For more information, visit

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