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Monsoon Blockchain Powers the Next Generation Cryptocurrency Ecosystem for Bitcoin Latinum

Palo Alto, CA / SEAPRWire / September 28, 2021 /- Monsoon Blockchain Corporation, an innovative blockchain company based in Palo Alto, California, is announcing the next generation digital cryptocurrency ecosystem for powering Bitcoin Latinum. Bitcoin Latinum is an insured, asset-backed cryptocurrency. Based on the Bitcoin ecosystem, Bitcoin Latinum is greener, faster, […]

AA Digital Asset Management Service Centre Grand Opening Ceremony

AA Digital Asset Management Service Centre Grand Opening Ceremony

Singapore – In Singapore, 26th September 2021, the AA Digital Asset Management Service Centre, located in the core area of Singapore’s CBD, was grandly opened. The Singapore A&A Digital Asset Management Service Centre was originally established by Singapore A&A Blockchain Technology Innovation Pte Ltd. “Digital Asset Management Service” is the core business of […]



2021年9月26日,位於新加坡CBD核心區的AA數字資產管理服務中心隆重開業,新加坡A&A數字資產管理服務中心是由新加坡AA區塊鏈技術創新股份有限公司獨創,全球首家以“數字資產管理服務”為核心業務的全新概念金融科技服務型平臺機構。該服務中心成立後,將以新加坡本地市場為基礎和起點,提供可輻射全球的數字貨幣、外匯交易、跨境匯款等金融業務服務。 A&A數字資產管理服務中心位於新加坡CBD核心區,一樓迎街獨立營業場地。中心總面積13000平方 呎,一樓為營業區提供客戶諮詢、業務辦理、交易實名認證等業務,二樓為辦公區及貴賓接待區。 A&A數字資產管理服務中心開幕當天,新加坡AA區塊鏈技術創新股份有限公司面對全球社區直播開 幕儀式,活動現場新加坡AA區塊鏈技術創新股份有限公司董事會主席楊斌先生致開幕詞,他說:新加坡是東西方文化的結合,更重要的是新加坡也是區塊鏈的中心。 新加坡AA區塊鏈技術創新股份有限公司正在全力打造新區塊鏈生態體系,8月6日已宣佈進軍AA Megamall區塊鏈商城專案,邁出AA·Chain構建區塊鏈生態第一步。此次全力打造A&A數字資產管 理服務中心是創造區塊鏈價值體系生態的重要舉措。公司CEO 陸黃斌對媒體表示“這是全球數字經 濟、數字資產發展進程中一場真正意義上的“鏈接世界、賦能未來”的偉大探索。”“中心的開業將為全 體水星會員在全球自由的交流、自由的支付、自由的娛樂和自由的生活提供最底層的基礎服務,必 將在數字世界形成一幅獨特風景線”。 目前入駐A&A數字資產管理服務中心的4家企業有A&A BEACON CAPITAL PTE. LTD,BITDATA DIGITAL TECH PTE. LTD,DS SOLUTIONS PTE. LTD ,LIONEX PTE LTD所有服務中心參與企業均為新加坡本地合法註冊公司,並相應獲得新加坡金融管理局運營批准或經營豁免權。其中部分企業獲得新加坡AA區塊鏈技術創新股份有限公司投資。所有A&A數字資產管理服務中心參與企業在新加坡金融管理局的合規框架內與新加坡AA區塊鏈技術創新股份有限公司協同構建全新的區塊鏈生態場,一改以往線上、模糊的、缺乏監管的區塊鏈企業形象,以公開化、合規化、服務化全面迎合數 字資產管理服務需求,令數字貨幣投資愛好者更加真實的獲取高質量服務和安全交易。 新加坡AA區塊鏈技術創新股份有限公司是由曾位列2001年福布斯中國富豪排名第二的荷蘭籍華 商楊斌創建,同時他發起去中心化高效節能公鏈AA·Chain,並通過AA·Chain致力以區塊 鏈技術重塑全球金融生態。AA·Chain依靠獨特的技術優勢,解決現存區塊鏈基礎設施領域 存在的問題。將建立點對點直接可靠的信任,在社交、支付、娛樂、電商等商業場景中去除 仲介的干擾,形成新的數字貨幣體系、支付方式、信用機制,打造高效率、低成本、更安全的新價值互聯網生態結構。

Metech Enters Into Joint Venture to Manufacture and Distribute Lab-Grown Diamonds

– A lab-grown diamond is a diamond: chemically, physically and optically identical to a mined diamond– Strong market prospects in lab-grown diamonds that are driven by environmental, sustainability and ethical concerns of mined diamonds– New business venture is aligned with Metech’s environmental and sustainability business model and creates new growth […]

Gradiant Mencapai Pertumbuhan Yang Kuat Di Seluruh Asia di Pengolahan Air Cleantech selama Pandemi

– Gradiant menunjukkan pertumbuhan yang kuat selama pandemi COVID-19 yang berkepanjangan– Gradiant memenangkan 26 proyek baru pada tahun 2021 YTD di seluruh wilayah Asia Pasifik– Kemenangan kontrak dalam solusi pengolahan air bersih dengan klien baru, aplikasi, pasar, dan geografi, termasuk perjanjian konsesi DBOOM jangka panjang– Sejak awal pandemi, Gradiant telah […]

United States Infrastructure Bill Brings Cardano Billionaire to Washington

Charles Hoskinson, Founder of Cardano and Co-Founder of Ethereum, Educates Government Legislators, Regulators, & Administrators Washington, D.C., Sept 21, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – The recent debate over the Infrastructure Bill has made two things clear: The government will be regulating blockchain activities, but they don’t understand it well enough to do an effective […]

Spritzer Joins Hands with NGOs and Pledges Aid for Vulnerable Groups Affected by COVID-19

The Company, which turns 32, affirms commitment to help communities in distress KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Spritzer Malaysia (“Spritzer” or the “Company”), which produces Malaysia’s best-selling natural mineral water, is committed to the wellbeing of the community and has endeavoured to send aid to the vulnerable and less privileged […]

Novation Wire’s Global Distribution Helps Clients Achieve Global Audience for Less

Hong Kong – Novation Wire provides clients Global press release distribution to help achieve a global audience and shorten the time and the cost. Devoted to delivering the best PR distribution in the industry, Novation Wire gives clients the opportunity to share their press releases on top media outlets in the China (PRC China, Hongkong […]

DSFR Announces Its Strategic Partnership with Mycashbackworld to Bring Cryptocurrency to Mainstream Commerce

New York, NY / SEAPRWire / September 21, 2021 /- DSFR, a blockchain-based entity built on the robust Polygon (Matic) network, has announced a new partnership with the leading e-commerce platform – Mycashbackworld. This established tie-up will allow Mycashbackworld to leverage DSFR’s cryptocurrency payment system and wallet service to enhance its […]

ST Telemedia Global Data Centres, Equinix, Oracle, Digital Realty and Cohesity to lead Datacentre and Cloud Summit 2021

With the congregation of the leading thought leaders from Southeast Asia, DCCI 2021: ASEAN will cover every aspect of the region’s Datacentre & Cloud industry. Singapore, Sept 14, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – With Southeast Asia becoming the global hotbed for Datacentres and Cloud Infrastructure, along with the region witnessing the emergence of the […]

NovationWire Announces Job Openings for Top Media Click-Through Analysts and Promotion Managers

Hong Kong – NovationWire, the top PR distribution newswire, has announced the expansion of Top Media Click-Through (TMC) team in order to help businesses achieve greater brand awareness, increased web traffic, and grow sales opportunities. For candidates in public relations, media, and sales who are looking to expand their career with the top rated PR […]

Accounting & Finance Show Asia 2021: The largest technology event in Asia for accountants and finance professionals

Singapore, Sept 9, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – On 21-22 September 2021, the Accounting & Finance Show Asia 2021 returns for its 4th edition, bringing together the region’s accounting and finance professionals. In two years of disruption, businesses around the world have adapted quickly to rethink their processes and navigate the challenges. This largest […]

Gradiant Achieves Strong Growth Across Asia in Cleantech Water Treatment during the Pandemic

– Gradiant demonstrated strong growth during the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic– Gradiant won 26 new projects in 2021 YTD across the Asia Pacific region– Contract wins are in cleantech water treatment solutions with new clients, applications, markets, and geographies, including long-term DBOOM concession agreements– Since the onset of the pandemic, Gradiant […]