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Zhao: Campaign more rational under new electoral system

Editor’s Note: Hong Kong will hold its first legislative election under the improved electoral system on Sunday. China Daily talked to an array of representatives from Hong Kong’s various sectors to weigh in on the upcoming election and Hong Kong’s democracy. Zhao Jiayin, member of the All-China Youth Federation and vice-chairman of the Hua Jing Society, said the new electoral system made people pay more attention to candidates’ abilities and contributions, which is a far cry from the previous extremely politicized elections.

Zhao Jiayin, member of the All-China Youth Federation and vice chairman of the Hua Jing Society

I think the new election system fully demonstrates broad representation, political inclusiveness, balanced participation and fair competition. Especially from the perspective of candidates for the election this time, they have different identities, backgrounds, philosophies, and come from all walks of life. These all show the inclusiveness of this new electoral system, and the diversity of the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong”.

In this Legislative Council election, all 90 seats are contested. No candidates will win automatically. This is unprecedented since Hong Kong’s return to the motherland. It is obvious that the new election system makes the election campaign of candidates more rational, fair and orderly. People pay more attention to livelihood and development issues, as well as the ability and quality of candidates. It is no longer a name-calling game. Candidates have the same goal: to support “one country, two systems” and hope that the motherland and Hong Kong will be prosperous and stable. Candidates show themselves with expertise, agendas, contributions and responsibility, which is a far cry from the past chaotic, disorderly and extremely politicized elections.

The new Legislative Council will be returned on Sunday. This is the election with the widest scope and the largest number of registered voters. It is important for the good governance and the development prospects of Hong Kong. Society is highly concerned about this and has great expectations for the new Legislative Council since Hong Kong stands at a significant turning point nowadays. It is hoped that this election will be able to elect LegCo members with both political integrity and competence, which will truly contribute to the livelihood and development of the people and bring Hong Kong to a brand-new page.

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