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Observatory: HK temperatures to plunge to 16 C on Tuesday

HONG KONG – A cold front is expected to reach the coast of Southern China on Sunday night, bringing down temperatures in Hong Kong to as low as 16 C next week.

According to Hong Kong Observatory, the city will see the mercury dropping to 17 C Monday and 16 C Tuesday, before climbing back to 18 C next Saturday.

Under the influence of the intense northeast monsoon, it will be cool in the morning and at night, and dry early to midweek next week. The temperature difference between day and night will be relatively large, Observatory said.

It said the easterly airstream affecting the coast of Guangdong will moderate in the next couple of days. Hong Kong will have warm weather and light wind over the weekend, with temperatures reaching 29 C on Saturday.

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Though it will remain warm during the day on Sunday, a few rain patches on Sunday night will herald the cold spell expected next week.