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New Policy Address highlights rule of law

The Chinese national flag and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region flag are seen flying in a reflection on a building in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, on June 30, 2020. (RAYMOND CHAN / CHINA DAILY)

Editor's note: Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor delivered her fifth Policy Address on Wednesday. How have people in Hong Kong responded to the new initiatives she has outlined? Here are some of the reactions from the city's legal sector which were gathered by China Daily.

Asian Academy of International Law

AAIL welcomes the government's initiatives in strengthening Hong Kong's rule of law under the rubric of "one country, two systems".

We also welcome the government's initiatives set out in the new Policy Address in developing Hong Kong into an "International Legal and Dispute Resolution Services Hub in the Asia-Pacific Region".

AAIL echoes the government's reaffirmation of the utmost importance of the rule of law under the rubric of "one country, two systems" as the core value and the cornerstone of Hong Kong's success and supports the initiatives in deepening the community's understanding of the rule of law. As an organization with the focus of promoting international law, AAIL shares the government's commitment to enhancing collaborations and exchange with international organizations and legal communities in other jurisdictions. AAIL looks forward to be working with other international bodies in the coming years.

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Maggie Chan Man-ki

Founding President of the Small and Medium-sized Law Firms Association of Hong Kong

I appreciate the efforts of the Secretary for Justice to seek the input from and listen to the concerns of the legal profession and small and medium-sized law firms after the Policy Address was announced. I hope that the government and the Department of Justice in particular will respond to the industry's needs and introduce more measures to support Hong Kong's small and medium-sized law firms to develop in the Chinese mainland legal services market.

Ng Chi-pan

Election Committee member

I'm glad to see the clear statement in the Policy Address that the government will take forward proactively the enactment of local legislation to implement Article 23 of the Basic Law in Hong Kong. This proactive attitude fully indicates that the National Security Law for Hong Kong and the improved electoral system have provided effective institutional guarantees for Hong Kong to find its path toward good governance.

I think the Chief Executive in her latest Policy Address showed a lot of innovative initiatives and resolve to improve governance and meet the expectations of the residents in the city.

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