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Nearly 2m vaccine jabs given in Hong Kong

People relax on a Kowloon promenade that runs along Victoria Harbour, with the skyline of Hong Kong Island in the background on March 18, 2021.

HONG KONG – Nearly 2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as of Saturday. 

In a statement, the HKSAR government said about 1,926,200 vaccine doses have been distributed under the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme since Feb 26, 2021.

About 1,154,000 persons have received their first jab while 772,200 persons have received their second shot 

It added that about 1,154,000 persons have received their first jab while 772,200 persons have also received their second shot.

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Those who received their first shot included 502,000 persons who got the Sinovac vaccine and about 652,000 persons who took the BioNTech dose.

For the second dose, about 364,000 persons received the Sinovac vaccine, while about 408,200 people were given the BioNTech jab.

About 4,200 persons received their first dose of the Sinovac vaccine on Saturday, including about 2,800 persons vaccinated at Community Vaccination Centres (CVCs) and about 1,300 persons at private doctors and clinics participating in the program.

About 4,300 persons also received their second dose of the Sinovac vaccine, including about 2,700 persons vaccinated at CVCs and about 1,600 persons at private doctors and clinics.

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