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National Day: HK residents in high spirit

HONG KONG – As Hong Kong celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on Friday, some local residents who attended the celebrations expressed their hope for a brighter future for the city and the country.

They talked to China Daily during the events, which featured escort of a giant national flag seeking blessings for the country, and a flyby and a sea parade by the disciplined services. There were also singing and dancing performances. 

Clement Wong, 55

Hong Kong businessman

These two years (2020 and 2021) are special for Hong Kong. I have come here today to see the changes the city has undergone. I believe the change has happened because people have more freedom now to express themselves. People are more appreciative of different views and cherish the peaceful and law-abiding environment in Hong Kong.

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As a businessman, I think Hong Kong will continue to benefit from its close ties with the Chinese mainland. Among the main examples is the opportunities brought by the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, including the Qianhai and Hengqing cooperation zones. All these have been made possible due to major policies, with the central government’s strong support for Hong Kong’s future prosperity. We need to fully embrace these initiatives.

Vanessa Wang, 26

Born in HK, working in sports industry in Shanghai

I came here from Shanghai yesterday to see my family. I’m really glad to be here to celebrate our country’s birthday. The atmosphere here is very good. I’m glad to see so many people celebrating together here.

I’ve seen the central government is providing Hong Kong graduates a lot of opportunities in the Greater Bay Area. It’s really great because our country is a leading force in technology and big data. It will benefit Hong Kong graduates immensely, enabling them to gain experience by joining world-leading industries. 

Daniel Zhou, 21

Volunteer of the celebration event

I have come here to work as a volunteer for the event because I love my country. I’m happy to see that a lot of people are attending the event. I know they love the country just like me.

Yesterday I had three classes until night. I got up this morning at six o'clock to prepare for today’s event. I’m tired and a little bit hungry, but still in a high spirit to help organize the activities.


Hong Kong resident 

I am proud of being Chinese. Hong Kong needs such ceremonies to remind the residents, especially the children, of their national identity.

The central government recently introduced new policies boosting support for Hong Kong’s development. It further strengthens my confidence in the city’s future development.

Or, 70

Hong Kong resident 

I came to Hong Kong from Zhongshan more than 40 years ago. Hong Kong is my second home now. I have deep feelings for the Chinese mainland and also for Hong Kong. Now that China is strong and prosperous, I feel proud as a Chinese. Under the National Security Law, Hong Kong is becoming stable and peaceful. It makes me feel secure.

Pang Ho-yu, 9


I know that people have come here to celebrate the National Day. I’m also happy to be here. The dance is beautiful. I like it very much. Happy birthday, China!