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Kwai: Newly elected lawmakers expected to walk the talk

Editor’s Note: The 2021 Legislative Council election is the first under Hong Kong’s revamped electoral system. Timothy Kwai Ting-kong, a member of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies, shared his observations on the polling day and his expectations of the newly elected lawmakers with China Daily. Here’s what he said.

1. What do you think of the arrangements at the polling stations this year? Could you share your observations or an anecdote of people, including yourself, who went to the polling stations and cast ballots?

I preferred to cast a vote earlier in the day. It appeared to me that there was more staff at the polling station this time to assist the elderly and the disabled. It was good to see such a caring arrangement.

2. Which constituency did you vote for? Which policy initiatives from the candidates impressed you the most?

Kowloon Central. I was impressed by one candidate’s proposal to revamp the old parts of the city. Kowloon Central, as everyone knows, is dominated by houses built before World War II. I look forward to seeing the new look of the area.

3. This is the first LegCo election under the city’s revamped electoral system. What’s your take on the significance of this election?

It was significant as we embarked on the new point of the election. After the “black terror”, the opposition still hoped to make political gains from the election. If the opposition took advantage of our old electoral system, Hong Kong would be significantly endangered.

However, because of the decision made by the National People’s Congress, there was a clear definition made on what patriots are and that Hong Kong’s governance could rely only on patriots. That is the biggest principle we should follow to strengthen our city’s competitiveness.

4. What are your expectations for those who won the race, for the next-term LegCo, and for Hong Kong as a whole?

I expect the elected to walk the talk. In previous elections, some candidates forgot what they promised. This time, since we are shifting more focus onto the candidates’ words, we will be very interested in seeing how those elected live up to their promises.

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