People cross the road decorated with national flags and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region flags above to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland in Tsim Sha Tsui in on June 17, 2022. (CALVIN NG / CHINA DAILY)

Hong Kong will embrace a
wealth of festive activities in the
run-up to Friday’s 25th anniversary of its return to the motherland, with a ceremony being
held to start the celebrations,
including light shows, parade
floats, movie screenings and
fishing-boat parades.

The Hong Kong Celebrations
Association, a local non-profit
organization established in
2006 that is organizing the
events, announced at the
launch ceremony on Tuesday
that 25 buses with special decorations and 10 designated
trams, as well as 25 fishing boats
adorned with national flags will
be parading through the city,
with the boats in Victoria Harbour.

Tam Kam-kau, chairman of the Hong Kong Celebrations Association, said the successful practice of the “one country, two systems” principle has ensured Hong Kong’s world-renowned achievements

Various large-scale display
installations are being set up in
Victoria Park, which include
displays of the national and
regional flags, a creative lights
display, and a water show. They
will all be open to the public for
free in the next six days.

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Tam Kam-kau, chairman of
the Hong Kong Celebrations
Association, said the successful
practice of the “one country, two
systems” principle has ensured
Hong Kong’s world-renowned

Although the city faced
unprecedented challenges during the past few years, the central government has adhered to
the “one country, two systems”
principle, which stabilized the
city’s situation, he said.

Tam also stressed that the
National Security Law for Hong
Kong, the improvement of the
electoral system, and the implementation of “patriots administering Hong Kong” reflected the
central government’s unwavering determination to defend
Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability. 

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Alice Cheung Chiu Hoi-yue,
the director of Home Affairs,
said that Hong Kong has developed in leaps and bounds since
the handover in 1997, which can
be attributed to the support of
the central government and concerted efforts of all sectors in

Chan Hung-to, an association
member in charge of this year’s
anniversary celebration, said
that July 1 is always a special
time for Hong Kong to reflect on
the history and envision the
future, but this year is even more
special as it marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return.

The launch ceremony was
attended by officials from the
central and HKSAR governments, business leaders, and
representatives from various

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More than 20 Hong Kong
youngsters performed the theme
song for the HKSAR’s 25th anniversary titled Heading Forward and the patriotic song My People,
My Country
at the ceremony. 

Jason Fong, the deputy director of the Guangdong-Hong KongMacao Greater Bay Area Youth
Association, who co-directed the
choral show, said that all the singers were born in 1997 and are now
25 years old. They were invited to
give the performance as they
grew up with Hong Kong SAR after the handover and symbolize
the city’s future, Fong said.

Vivian Tong, 26, who works in a
PR agency, came to Victoria Park
early in the morning to attend the
ceremony and was deeply
touched to be able to witness all
the guests, performers, and staff
who were busy during the ceremony under the scorching sun.