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Glorifying violence: CE for more action against student union

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said on Tuesday that the University of Hong Kong authorities should take further actions for its student union leaders’ inappropriate behavior glorifying “the sacrifice” of a man who stabbed a police officer earlier this month.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam said she she was outraged by the University of Hong Kong students’ “tribute to a criminal suspect” and felt ashamed for the university, which she serves as the chancellor

Speaking at a media briefing ahead of the weekly Executive Council meeting, Lam said she was outraged by the students’ “tribute to a criminal suspect” and felt ashamed for the university, which she serves as the chancellor.

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Days after the man stabbed a police officer on a busy street in Causeway Bay before killing himself on July 1, the Hong Kong University Students' Union Council passed a motion last week to pay tribute to the attacker. In the meeting resolution, the student leaders said they "appreciate the sacrifice" of the assailant and expressed their condolences over his "unfortunate passing”. The council later withdrew the motion and announced their collective resignation in the wake of strong backlash from the public.

Despite withdrawal of the motion, Lam agreed with Arthur Li Kwok-cheung, chairman of the Council of The University of Hong Kong, that the student leaders must be held accountable for their behavior. Li also said earlier that the university did not rule out the possibility of expulsion of those who approved the motion.

At her briefing Tuesday, the Hong Kong leader said she would support follow-up investigations by the city's police force if they decide the students were suspected of breaking the law. She however said categorically that she would not intervene in the case herself.

Addressing the Hong Kong Outstanding Teens Election on Monday, Lam pointed out the arrests of 14 people, including at least nine young students, on suspicion of planning to blow up local courts and transportation network.

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The adults in the city have the responsibility to protect the next generation, she said at the event, urging the community to care for and guide the young people to have stronger national identity and nurture positive values.