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Delegation’s HK visit sheds light on opportunities in nation’s plan

Ranking government officials led by Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor (centre) attend a talk organized by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government on the National 14th Five-Year Plan at the Central Government Offices on Aug 23, 2021. (PHOTO PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY)

The central government delegation’s three-day visit to Hong Kong for the nation’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) has enabled local communities to better understand their role and potential under the blueprint, which will help the city better tap into opportunities, said Hong Kong representatives of various sectors.

From Monday to Wednesday, a high-level delegation, comprising officials overseeing Hong Kong affairs and the nation’s technological and financial agencies, visited the special administrative region to help society better understand the nation’s latest five-year plan. 

During four events of the tour, they met hundreds of Hong Kong representatives, including government officials, lawmakers, business leaders and youngsters. They shared insights on Hong Kong’s opportunities under the national plan, exchanged views with various sectors, and revealed new national initiatives that benefit Hong Kong.

Lawmaker Gary Chan Hak-kan said the central government delegation's visit enabled lawmakers to have a clearer picture about opportunities arising from the 14th Five-Year Plan, and better understand Hong Kong’s position in the nation’s development

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After attending a seminar at the city’s legislature on Monday afternoon, lawmaker Gary Chan Hak-kan said the delegation’s visit is very important, as it enables lawmakers to have a clearer picture about opportunities arising from the 14th Five-Year Plan, and better understand Hong Kong’s position in the nation’s development. 

This was the first time that central government officials had hosted a seminar at the SAR’s legislature. During the event, the delegates gave detailed replies to questions from lawmakers about the city’s prospects in finance and in innovation and technology.

Chan said Hong Kong used to focus too much on political disputes instead of development. The introductory events showed the direction of Hong Kong’s future development — to actively participate in the nation’s “dual circulation” strategy and integrate deeper into national development, he said.

Wong Yuk-shan, a former president of the Open University of Hong Kong, said the delegation’s visit offered a rare chance for Hong Kong’s community to learn more about the nation’s long-term development strategy. 

Wong believes such events outlining the framework of national strategies are “essential”, as they charter Hong Kong’s development direction, especially the direction in inno-tech, which was highlighted in the nation’s 14th Five-Year Plan. 

Wong participated in a talk presented by the delegation on Monday morning, during which some central government officials pledged more opportunities for Hong Kong to participate in national scientific projects to enhance its inno-tech competitiveness.

Kennedy Wong Ying-ho, vice-president of the Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ and Exporters’ Association, attended a forum on Tuesday during which delegates briefed the business community. He said the events, which highlighted the significance of the city’s further integration into national development, are expected to increase people’s awareness in the area.

In his view, it is of great necessity for the Hong Kong business sector to thoroughly understand the 14th Five-Year Plan, as it will help them adjust their development strategy and improve competitiveness.

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Encouraged by the messages delivered at the same forum, Peter Burnett, chairman of the Hong Kong-British Chamber of Commerce, said that with the nation’s support, Hong Kong is sure to remain a strong international financial center and play an important role in the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

In a sharing session with youngsters on Wednesday, Kenneth Leung Yuk-wai, chairman of the Hong Kong United Youth Association, said the event was well received by the city’s young people. Many who couldn’t join the event watched a live broadcast.

During the event, the central government officials introduced opportunities in the Greater Bay Area in detail, and revealed plans to encourage more Hong Kong young people to seek opportunities in the region. This will help reduce some youngsters’ hesitation to develop livelihoods in the region, Leung said.

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