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Cathay Pacific fires unvaccinated aircrew

This Aug 5, 2018 file photo shows Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. employees wheel luggage towards an entrance to a building at Cathay Pacific City, the company's headquarters, in Hong Kong, China. (PAUL YEUNG / BLOOMBERG)

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd said Wednesday it decided to “part company with a small number of aircrew” who chose not to receive available vaccines and didn’t provide proof of any medical exemption. 

“The pandemic has also had a huge impact on us operationally and border controls around the world 

Have dramatically reduced our ability to operate with unvaccinated aircrew,” the airline said in a statement.

All of Cathay’s flights since Sept 1 have been with fully vaccinated crew, the airline said, adding that only vaccinated staff will be allowed to enter its buildings starting Dec 1.

The Hong Kong-based carrier earlier asked flight crew to be fully inoculated by the end of August or face having their employment reviewed.

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